Amphistage’s unique abilities present numerous opportunities for any outdoor event or activity.  When used on land Amphistage can provide either a stage or a platform for general use, capable of reaching its intended place of use rapidly, and with little damage to the land - even across poor or rough terrain.  On arrival it can be deployed and ready for use incredibly quickly, usually in less than one hour.

If your event is near or on water then the variety of uses is enormous. Whether for performers, guests or for use as an equipment platform Amphistage offers new possibilities for an event or production.



On arrival in its selected location, the first operation for Amphistage is to fold out the side pontoons.  Hydraulically powered this is an extremely rapid operation.  This gives the first basic stage / platform.

 Once deployed the suspension may be hydraulically adjusted.  With independent operation for front and rear, a level platform will be created with a height, adjustable between 2.9 metres down to a low 1.25 metres.   

If Amphistage is being used as a floating platform or stage it is now ready to be driven into the water.  Once floating the wheels may be fully retracted into the hull to give a draught of just 870 mm with an eight ton load.

With the pontoons deployed, whether in or out of the water, platform extensions can now be fitted.  These are multi use structures which can be used to achieve a stage or platform width of up to 14.3 metres or used as loading ramps both on land or water.  The platform extensions are independently adjustable in pitch on hydraulic rams allowing loading from the ground or from a vehicle when used on land, or from the bank or another boat when on water.  The adjustment also gives the ability to level the stage against a slope.

Amphistage carries four platform extensions onboard, with four more carried on a service vehicle.  These can be used in many configurations,

from this to this    

and anywhere in between - click on “data and dimensions” on the left hand tool bar for more details and examples of deployment options.

If used as a stage on land a basic deck can be available within thirty minutes of arriving on site with four ramps on one side and either steps or ramps on the other side.

Amphistage’s possibilities on water are immense,  rapidly creating an incredibly stable platform with a very shallow draught.  It has uses and applications across a wide range of industries, including use in environmentally sensitive situations, due to its low damage footprint and lack of water borne emissions.

Amphistage is four-wheel drive with adjustable tyre pressures so when the large ‘balloon’ tyres are deflated they will cause minimum damage to poor or sensitive terrain whilst achieving high levels of traction.  Amphistage is particularly suitable for providing load carrying, staging or platform applications on water in environmentally sensitive situations since it does not exhaust under water like many conventional craft.  With excellent cross-country capacity and wheels that extend and retract to give superb ground clearance, it is highly unlikely to ever need track-way laid to get it to any situation.

When used as a conventional stage on land the advantages over other methods of creating platforms are abundant,  its off road performance, low damage characteristics,  self sufficiency, lack of hassle,  speed of erection and its speed to clear site are just some.


Amphistage comes complete with skilled technical crew matched to your requirements and other technical services can also be supplied. Amphistage is painted an unobtrusive dark blue, specifically chosen to blend into the background, but can be painted any other colour, on request, as an extra option.  

Interested? Got a use for Amphistage? To make an enquiry or get a tailored quote click on “contact us” on the left hand tool bar. 


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