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Can you do without the latest in stage and platform technology?

 Whatever the occasion, whether on land or water, Amphistage offers new potential for your events and allows you to exceed the expectations of your client, with new and exciting possibilities for their events.


Within an hour of arrival on site Amphistage can provide easier and more cost effective stage and platform solutions than conventional methods.

Based upon a single vehicle, Amphistage replaces usual staging techniques through its rapid and convenient deployment. Amphistage saves valuable set up and get out time, whilst the unique attributes of the system mean Amphistage can reach places that conventional stages and platforms can’t.

Fully amphibious and self propelled, Amphistage can be used on water with the same ease and versatility as on land, doing away with the need for tugs, barges and peripheral equipment.

Amphistage is a new and unique concept in the stage and platform field. Whilst this is Amphistage’s basic role its versatility gives it the ability to out perform conventional methods in many applications.

From stage to firework or camera platform to carnival float, its uses are constrained only by your imagination.

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